01 Feb

I am starting this blog as a way to share daily thoughts on Scripture, to stay accountable with daily reading, and to encourage others to interact with God's word. We often have thoughts and questions about Scripture that we do not have anyone to share with- people are busy! I want this blog to be a place where Christians can discuss and ask questions revolving around God's word to us. If even one person is encouraged and inspired to stay in the Word and seek God for answers, then it will be enough. I plan to post a series of questions and thoughts every day on a portion of Scripture, coinciding with the Daily Bible 365 channel on You Tube that takes you chronologically through the Bible in a year. I invite you to be a part of the discussion! Just jump in when you see a part of the Bible you want to discuss or have questions about. I will take some time every day to respond to the previous day's comments. As I am sure it is obvious by now, the discussions will be based on the belief that the Bible is God's infallible Word to man. That being said, there are many questions in it that God invites us to ask, and there is an invitation for everyone if they come in a spirit of truth-seeking and humility! "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the glory of kings to seek it out." -Proverbs 25:2

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